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(Multi-Compressor System)


The Refrig-O-Pak multi-circuited refrigeration system is the premier product in our line. It is available in different sizes (4 to 24 feet in length) and is designed for vertical hot air discharge. An oversized condenser surface provides energy efficient cooling (20% energy savings compa
red with individual condensing units). The system is available as an outdoor or indoor unit, either air or water cooled, regular or parallel configuration. With each unit pre-wired and pre-piped, installation is a breeze.

CRS-4     Brochure        Specifications        Owners Manual
CRS-6     Brochure        Specifications        Owners Manual
CRS-8     Brochure        Specifications        Owners Manual
CRS-10   Brochure        Specifications        Owners Manual
CRS-12   Brochure        Specifications        Owners Manual
CRS-14   Brochure        Specifications        Owners Manual
CRS-16   Brochure        Specifications        Owners Manual
CRS-20   Brochure        Specifications        Owners Manual
CRS-24   Brochure        Specifications        Owners Manual


(Condensing Unit Rack)


The Econo-Pak refrigeration system is designed with mulitiple condensing units built into one unit. Compressor configuration varies with the BTU requirements to assure the appropriate cooling for each specific application.



Water-Cooled Indoor-Pak


Single Tier      Brochure        Specifications
Double Tier     Brochure        Specifications
Triple Tier       Brochure        Specifications


(Water-Cooled Unit or Air-Cooled Unit)



(Single Condensing Units)

Our Power-Pak air-cooled condensing unit comes pre-engineered and factory assembled ready for installation. It is as competitively priced as any single condensing unit available today.




  • Equipment Installation &
    Ongoing Equipment Service:

We provide all of your refrigeration needs, as well as install the equipment. We can install the remote refrigeration on the roof, in an equipment room or anywhere else it needs to be. The kitchen equipment will be installed, tested and ready for your use.

We stand behind all of our products like no one else in the industry – we take control of the ongoing maintenance and service after our products are installed and working. Through service contracts or simply a one-time need, Cooltec is there for you. We do our business so you may concentrate on yours. If you have to worry about refrigeration, you are probably not using Cooltec Refrigeration Corp. as your vendor of choice.